My Life

"My existence on this earth... Heh! Heh!"

I'm more than a three decades old but most of the time, I think I still behave like a kid. I like video games and toys, electronic gadgets too and as a result of that, people think I'm child-like. What's funny is that my mom often takes a look at my collection in my room and goes...

"When will you grow up?"

Honestly though, I feel that in the past year, I have really grown up. Things have happened and it's made me look at the world differently. I no longer believe in fairytales and in always getting what I want. I now know that in order to get them, unlike when I was a kid and everything was handed to me on a silver platter, I have to work for it. Which is good I guess 'cause this makes me treasure the things I have, even more. In my years as an adult, many things have been taken from me. Sometimes due to my own fault, sometimes not. Yet, whatever it is, it's gone and I will never get it back ever again. Some of these things I'm bitter about but there really is nothing that I, or anyone can do about it.

"That's Life..."

Life is what you make of it and well, what I intend to do is to make the most of what I can with mine now. I may not have very much to live for but what I know is that I want to make a difference. A difference in my life so that I can make a difference in other's lives.

"Make sense?"