"So what about me... anything you wanna know? Or think you ought to?"

I'm a game freak... I like toys and gadgets of all sorts and that's where all my money goes. See the amount of toys I have and it'll put any Toys R Us to shame... Heh! Heh! Still, I don't wanna grow up! I want more!

Let's see... what else?

On the twenty seventh day of the second month of the year nineteen hundred and sixty-eight, the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true (sound familiar? Yeah right, huh?). That's when my parents got their first born and as my father would say... "that's when it all began".

My Childhood

Not one to be proud of... Heh! Heh! I was a pain in the you know where when it came to going to school and you can ask BohBoh (that is if she were alive now) what a brat I was. I insisted that she sat right infront of my class in primary one even if it made the principal mad or else I would howl like some kid getting murdered. Silly come to think of it... which teacher was gonna eat me up and what was I afraid of, I still wonder. Well, that went on till primary 3 (so I was told) but honestly, I don't think it was that long.

School and Work

I went to Haig Girls' School... then to St.Hilda's... then to Our Lady of Lourdes... then off to the University of San Francisco. Studying in the US was fun and I had my first car and scooter there. Got back, worked for daddy at Ocean Pacific doing advertising and promotions. Then decided to try going to the other side of advertising and became a copywriter in Prime Ad... Conceptual... Pro Ads then Mandate. That was my career in advertising for about 4 years when I decided to call it quits and have a gamestore called GamePlay. GamePlay was the first gameshop in Singapore which concentrated in consoles 32-bit and above. None of that 16-bit crap eventhough I must admit it still could have sold. We wanted hi-tech and we got hi-tech until the store had to close 2 years later because we couldn't afford the increasing rent. That was fun while it lasted. Doing what you like is always considered not working!


I come from a family of four and that's mum, dad, Jus and me. Of course, now that my brother is married, we've my sister-in-law and the kids at home too. Kids are fun! Especially so when they're at this age - 4 and 5. Kids, I tell you, can say the darnest things!

I guess that's all I can think of to say right now.

If you're here, you probably know me.

Maybe even better than this so what's there more to say then, huh?